CHI MNL Series 01: Why we teach and do research in HCI

March 17, 2022 (Tuesday), 6pm PH Time via Zoom

Research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has always brought the most innovative technologies - from the first mouse, to the GUI all the way to user gestures and mixed reality. CHI MNL believes that the best way to foster such potential is to begin nurturing from the roots - teaching HCI in the university and preparing early career HCI researchers. Learn more from the execom of CHI MNL in this FREE event. Please register in the link provided.


Briane Paul V. Samson

Associate Professor, DLSU

Toni-Jan K Monserrat

Assistant Professor, UPLB

Jordan Aiko Deja

PhD Student, UP FAMNIT

Ralph Vincent Regalado

CEO, Senti AI

How do I Participate:

The event is free however prior registration is required. Please register in the link to be able to get the meeting details.

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